I want to participate and I have a few questions.

Why would I do this?

In order to have some fun and make stories. Tell Well is an opportunity to gain new skills, explore your experiences and be a part of a supportive collaborative community. Through using writing tools especially designed for healthcare professionals and working with a facilitated group, participants can develop new understandings of their work and some writing of which they can be proud.


Who is a good fit for participating in Tell Well?

Anyone who works or has worked in healthcare.


What do I need to do before I show up at the workshop?

We will send all participants an email with some questions to contemplate before the workshop. We ask only that your read through the questions.


How much will this cost?

Most of our workhops are free. We list the prices on the Upcoming Workshops page.


Do I have to come to all workshop sessions?

Yes. The sessions build on each other and we want you and your workshop cohort to have access to all the tools we use. Please don’t apply for a workshop if you cannot commit to all of the time.


What if I have never written a story before?

No problem. Please come. The workshop is designed to support writers of all experience levels and interest levels. We celebrate the artist in each healthcare professional.  


Why is there a showcase? What is a showcase?

A showcase is a time for Tell Well participants to get up in front of an audience and share some of their work. Participants have the opportunity to work with performance coaches to prepare for their showcase. This is an exciting opportunity to show off hard work and practice telling stories. It is also an opportunity for the public to gain a deeper understanding of what it means to provide healthcare.


This sounds awesome. How do I apply?

Great. Please apply here.